In addition to our on-line worship, we are offering in-person worship Sundays at 10:55am with adherence to strict safety guidelines.  If you would like to join us please review our guidelines (here) to ensure your health safety.  We are blessed to be able to offer both forms of worship to accommodate what is best for you.


Oakwood First UMC has a blended style of worship and averages 50 in attendance each Sunday.

Join us for our Lenten Worship series, Wesley's Covenant Prayer. "The Wesley Covenant Prayer has been used in Methodist services around the world on the First Sunday of the year since John Wesley introduced it in 1755.  Wesley expected that people would pray this prayer as a way of remembering, renewing and surrendering themselves in complete trust to God.  When we pray it, we are to remember what living like Jesus looks like and what loving God with all our heart, soul and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves requires of us." - The Wesley Prayer Challenge  This series begins February 21st. 

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